Food Terms Dictionary

Basmati Rice

  • It is variety of long, slender grain aromatic rice mainly produced in Indian Subcontinent.
  • In Hindi, basmati means “full of aroma,” although others say the name means “queen of fragrance”
  • According to the Indian Government agency APEDA, there are 29 varieties of basmati rice. Check out full list here
  • According to same agency, Minimum average precooked milled rice length should be at least 6.61 mm, breadth should be ≤ 2 mm and aroma should be present as per Qualitative sensory analysis as Panel Test. Check out full characteristics here

Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations (fao)

  • It is an arm of united nations to address hunger issues
  • It has 194 members and works over 130 countries
  • It conducts research, provides technical assistance and training to improve and develop agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and land and water resources
  • Visit Official Site – fao , YouTube Gallery

Glycemic Index (GI)

  • It is used to show or indicate how sugar level will increase in blood once food is consumed because not all carbohydrate foods are equal
  • Lower GI means lower and slower rise in blood glucose and Higher GI means faster conversion into blood glucose which is not good for diabetic patients
  • 55 or less is considered as Low GI food, 56-70 – Medium and 70 above is considered as high GI food which is harmful for body
  • For more details Ref – WebMD , glycemicindex

Kashmiri Chilly Powder

  • It is made of chilies which are least in spicy test and cultivated in Kashmir, India.
  • It gives rich red wine color to dish and does not add spiciness. Hence used along with other red chilly powder
  • India is the largest producer, exporter and consumer of Kashmiri Mirch
  • Here is an article on kashmiri chilly with picture of it.

Punjabi Cuisine

  • It is one of the richest cuisine of India.
  • It is blend of Indo-Mughal-Persian-Afghani
  • Main dishes are chicken tikka, aloo tikki, chicken tandoori, butter chicken, amritasari machhi, Sarson Ka Saag & Makke Di Roti, Dal makhni, Lassi and what not.
  • Netflix has an excellent documentary which explains Punjabi Cuisine Quite Well – Raja Rasoyi aur anya Kahaniya ( kings, cuisine and other stories) Episode 5in Hindi with English sub titles